How to choose the best sunscreen?
September 6, 2023

How to choose the best sunscreen?

Sunscreens are the basic needs for our face. It's a very common thing in our daily life. So do not skip. Regularly using sunscreens to prevent suntan, aging, and cancer.

What are the things to notice before buying sunscreen?

1) Broad spectrum: It will protect your skin from UVA rays. It protects from harmful rays.

2)Sun protection: Must notice the SPF on the sunscreen. It protects our face from sun damage. Try to choose a high amount of SPF more than 30.

3)Skin type: It's an important element when choosing sunscreen. Some sunscreens are made for different skin types. If you are oily or dry skin take the best and suit one for you.

4)Ingredients: Check the ingredients properly before buying sunscreen.

5)Water resistance: Water-resistant sunscreens stay on a wet face.

6)Expiry date: Check the expiry date properly on sunscreen. Expired sunscreens are harmful to your skin.

7)Texture of the sunscreen: Sunscreens are available in gel, lotion, creams, and spray. Choose the right one for your skin type.

If you have oily skin and you want to buy proper sunscreen?

  1. Spf 50+
  2. Water resistance
  3. Broad spectrum
  4. Non-comedogenic
  5. Oil-free
  6. Matte finish

Many people with oily skin are scared about their acne-prone skin. And they need clarification about choosing the best sunscreen for them. But here is the solution: you have acne-prone skin and oily skin. and they can't choose the proper one and cause breakouts. Mineral-based sunscreens are good for oily and acne-prone skin types. It will protect your skin from harmful rays and irritations. People with oily skin must have to use sunscreens. People with oily skin face many problems. this skin type involves excess sebum production and open pores. Use proper sunscreens and make your skin healthy and shiny.

Sunscreens also prevent blue light protection. Also, check the sunscreens are dermatologically tested. Sunscreens are a nongreasy and quick-absorbing formula. So it is easy to blend.

If you have dry skin? Please follow up on the options for your skin's radiant glow.

Using sunscreens for dry skin is highly recommended to protect and prevent damage to your skin. It also hydrates the skin. your sunscreen must have an SPF 30+ minimum. It should be protected from sun damage and pollution.

The harmful effect of not wearing sunscreen.

You know sunscreens are a basic need for our skins. Ultraviolet radiation like UVA and UVB damage the skin and it causes skin cancer and the attention of ageing. Anyway, the better option is to choose a suitable sunscreen for your skin base and avoid all these kinds of skin problems. Every skin type needs their option in sunscreen for their skin. To the needs of people, the best ingredients are used in sunscreen to enhance and protect.

  1. Oxybenzone
  2. Zinc oxide
  3. Titanium dioxide
  4. Avobenzone
  5. Octinoxate
  6. Homosalate
  7. Octocrylene
  8. Ethylhexyl salicylate
  9. PABA
  10. Ecamsule
  11. Ensulizole
  12. Sulisobenzone
  13. Retinyl palmitate
  14. Padimate O
  15. Dioxybenzone
  16. Trolamine salicylate
  17. Triethanolamine

In the summer season, your skin is quickly damaged by sunburn UVA, and UVB rays. In summer maximum try to use SPF 50+ sunscreens. wearing sunscreen is one of the best ways to protect your skin from sun damage. Apply sunscreen two-finger or three-finger rule for best results. In summer reapply sunscreen between 2 hours gap. Sunscreens are the way to remove suntan and pigmentation because it has essential properties.

How to apply sunscreen correctly?

Many people use sunscreens, but they use them the wrong way and they get sun damage and tan on their faces. wash your face first and pat it dry. Then take sunscreen and apply two finger rule, and apply all over the face and neck. Try to use more than 50+ SPF. Sunscreens will last for 2 hours, so reapply after it. And go outside after 15 minutes because of the time to absorb sunscreen on the face. If your skin is oily, apply a compact powder or normal powder.

Importance of wearing sunscreen

Sunscreens are mainly proposed for sun damage and to protect our skin from other solutions. Compared to other creams, sunscreen is much more important to wear daily for your skincare routine. Sunscreen has protective elements to save your skin Everybody questions whether wearing sunscreen is harmful or good for our skin. I said yes. it's good for the skin. It reduces the aging of the skin. Also, it prevents skin cancer and sunburn.