How to choose the best lipstick for skin tone and every occasion
December 14, 2023

How to choose the best lipstick for skin tone and every occasion

Choosing the right lipstick will change the overall look. And it will enhance your natural beauty and boosts your confidence on every occasion. The right shade of lipstick makes better your skin tone and smile. Also, lipsticks will show off your personality and style. For example, a red bold lip can make a statement and confidence, and A pink shade gives you a feminine and playful video. Everybody has a confusion.

If lipstick is safe to use every day?

Yea, it's safe also you can use the precautions. Applying a good lip balm after applying lipstick will moisturize and protect your lips. Try to use good brand lipstick, otherwise, it will harm your lips. Avoid expired lipsticks.

Determine your skin tone and find the lipstick shade

Choosing the right lipstick shade is a difficult task. You know your skin tone and find the perfect shade of lipstick.

There are 5 types of skin tone






For light or fair skin tone use nude, peach, and coral shades. Cherry red, mauve, and rose shades are suited for medium skin tones. For tan skin tones are to use bright colors like red and pink. deep skin tone it's better these shades caramel, wine and brown.

Skin undertones are classified into three categories

1)Cool undertone: For cool undertones, use these shades for a natural look: mocha, pink, red, and ruby.

2)warm undertone: Warm undertones can use these shades of pale pink, nude, and peachy.

3) Neutral undertone: For these undertones, you can use any shades from warm or cool undertones.

Understanding your skin tone will help you to choose the perfect lipstick shade. It is also important to consider the occasions for choosing a perfect lipstick shade. A bold color like red or dark colors are best for night parties or nights out and a professional meeting or job it suits to choose a nude lipstick shade

Tips for applying lipsticks like a pro

*Choose the right shade

*Use a lipliner to shape

*Prep your lips

*Apply lip balm

*Apply a powder before and after for long last lipstick

*Role an ice cube after lipstick for lasting

*Buy branded lipsticks

*Brush before, it exfoliate your lips and gets smoother

*Apply a little bit amount concealer for a base

Why are people going for glossy lips?

Matte lips are common in back throughs. Now glossy lips are expected to make a back. you prefer a clear gloss or someone with a pop color, glossy lips will make your makeup look youthful and playful.

If it is important to patch test before buying lipstick? Maximum try out the lipstick shade before purchasing.The first test in your hand and analyze its suits for you, test in your lips and assess how it looks in natural light.A patch test is important it will help you to be sure it's safe to use.

Lipsticks for every occasion

Casual day: everybody's confused is wearing the perfect lipstick shade. For a casual day the best lipstick shade is nude, so go for this shade.

Office job or interview: To wear pink shade for office jobs or interviews. It enhances natural look of your lips

Date nights: It's good for using bright colors like red and berry shades.

Wedding events: It's good to choose elegant shades like soft pinks and red, it will enhance your beauty.